watchOS 7 Leaks

Zac Hall has written a Watch-specific roundup of 9to5Mac’s findings in leaked iOS 14 code. Here are some of my favorite bits.

Watch face configurations will be sharable as files that can be previewed in the Files app and shared with various methods including AirDrop from the iPhone.

This could create interesting automation possibilities on the device, such as automations that rearrange complications based on geofences.

Under the new model, a parent could activate and manage an Apple Watch for a child without requiring a second iPhone.

While it isn’t exactly Android sync, this furthers the idea of making the Watch a halo device that provides more hooks into the Apple ecosystem without muddling up the Health data on someone else’s account.

[The] user can set a personalized sleep goal in the Health app on iPhone.

This makes me think of customizable rings, although the fact that the goal will live in Health makes me wonder if the Activity app won’t be ready for a sleep tracking ring this year.

Starting with watchOS 7, Apple Watch apps will no longer be based on extensions.

This is interesting because right now it seems that (at least for SwiftUI apps) most of the logic and views belongs in the WatchKit Extension, which is rather awkward. It’ll be great to see this change. I’m hoping the “invalid Info.plist key” bug (rdar://FB7623182 😄) affecting my own Watch app will be resolved with this kind of architecture change.

What do you want to see from watchOS 7?

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