Troubleshooting Apple Books, or ‘Log Out Solves Everything’

Whether you have iCloud enabled in “Settings > Books” on iOS, or you’re so last year and use iTunes like me, you’ve probably come across an EPUB file you’ve wanted to read before. This afternoon I had some trouble with accomplishing exactly that: syncing the Mac Books with the iOS version. Here are some steps to take if this happens to you or someone you know (pass it on!):

  • On your phone: Consider enabling iCloud in “Settings > Books”, because when it’s disabled and iTunes Sync isn’t in use, there’s no way for your phone to accept new books from your computer.
  • On your Mac: Make sure Books and iTunes (if applicable) are authorized. You can do this in “Store > Authorize This Computer…” and “Account > Authorizations > Authorize This Computer…”, respectively.
    • As a side note, I ran into an endlessly looping Apple ID sign-in dialog when using Books, and canceling the prompt left the underlying problem, which was that sync wasn’t possible (not even through iTunes, which either contained a blank “iPhone > Settings > Books” window, or a list with no books). I was able to fix it by going to “Store > Sign Out” and then following the prompts to sign in again.
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