The 16-inch MacBook Pro is here

Happy MacBook Pro Day.

The new 16-inch model replaces the 15-inch option and starts at $2399.

It has inverted-“T” arrow keys, a physical escape key, and higher-travel scissor key switches.

Community Thoughts

Jason Snell:

Apple doesn’t like to admit that it’s wrong, but will be the first to let you know when it’s made an improvement.


I just wrote 2,000 words about a new Apple laptop on that laptop’s keyboard, and it went just fine. That’s reason enough to party like it’s 2015.

Stephen Hackett:

[The thermal changes] should give Apple more headroom for future spec bumps, as Intel CPUs don’t seem to be getting much cooler anytime soon.


The MacBook line’s reputation has been tarnished by this [keyboard] problem for years, and it’s going to take years to recover. The changes to the escape and arrow keys will help, but Apple needs to get this keyboard into the smaller MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as soon as it can.

Marco Arment:

Five years ago, laptop keyboards were fine. Everyone was pretty much satisfied with the ones they had, they worked, and we never had to talk or think about them.

Today, finally, we begin heading back to that world.

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