Restoring the Mac startup chime

Michael Potuck:

Twitter user @chaysegr shared a video showing his MacBook Pro booting up with the iconic chime. He shared the terminal command that you can run to bring it back on your Mac:

sudo nvram StartupMute=%00


Shortly after, @tempaccountnull discovered that “sudo nvram StartupMute=%01” will turn it back to the default of no chime.

I tested this on my 2019 13-inch running Mojave and it works great!

Marco Arment:

Finally heard the startup chime on my 16” . . . and I’m so glad I enabled it.

It felt like coming home.


Didn’t realize they took the chime away. I can’t remember the last time I turned my Mac off.


Totally blind. This is huge for accessibility – I can tell if my machine is at least booting when at the boot menu (for changing operating systems) or if the screen reader doesn’t come up.

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