AirPods Pro is real, or ‘Let the press releases begin!’

With two days left in October, Apple’s first holiday product announcement has arrived. Enter the AirPods Pro.

Aside from being $50 more expensive, interchangable silicon tips, active noise cancelling, fancy sound-processing hardware, water-resistance, and—quite randomly—slightly better talk time charging rates (1 hour after 5 minutes of charging in the case versus 2 hours after 15 minutes of charging with AirPods 2) differentiate this new (however frequently leaked) option from AirPods 2.

I still wonder why they haven’t merged AirPods with Beats. Maybe the point of keeping them seperate is to preserve the minimalism of Apple’s listening devices, where the ear-hookable (affiliate link) AirPods are the “naked robotic core” (Copyright 2012, John Siracusa) to the already-ear-hooked Powerbeats Pro.

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