My Final Thoughts on the 16-inch MacBook Pro

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Chance Miller has written a great roundup of all the things we know about the upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro. Here are some highlights.

Could the new MacBook Pro also include more I/O options than just four USB-C ports? … [That tops] many lists in the Mac community.


I could see a story where Apple brings back the SD card slot and pitches that feature, along with the larger screen, as an indication that the MacBook Pro is becoming a photo/video production powerhouse worthy of sitting among the ranks (beyond price) of the iMac Pro and newly-announced Mac Pro.

However, I could also see a story where Apple keeps doing what they’ve been doing by keeping this model Thunderbolt-only, on the basis that those who spent that much on their new computer are capable of sinking another $40 on an adapter if they must interact with such “legacy” devices. Of course, lots of people will continue to make the reverse argument: computers in these high-end price ranges should support a wide enough variety of uses to not require dongle research, purchasing, or troubleshooting.

Also, if they were going to bring MagSafe back, they probably already would’ve done so via the MacBook Air. But I digress; moving on…

Kuo anticipates that Apple will begin the move away from butterfly keys with the 16-inch model, and switch its other MacBooks in 2020.

This is a much needed correction from last month, when I was having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that the lower-end Air would get the new scissor switches first. That confusion was in spite of the fact that it would make sense to finish the Butterfly switches where they started: with the thinnest-and-lightest of Apple’s portable lineup.

The 17-inch MacBook Pro that Apple introduced in 2009 carried a starting price of $2,799. When you consider that, it makes the $3,000 starting price of the 16-inch model much more plausible.

That’s a great use of Apple history to back the $3000 price prediction, but it’s worth pointing out that the 17-inch would cost around $3,347 in today’s dollars, so if both these machines were the same in every way besides price and sold today, the 16-inch would take its rightful place as a less expensive model. That’s just a really wordy way of saying I don’t think Apple has hiked up the price for this caliber of MacBook Pro since at least 2009.

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